This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

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Adopt An Oregon Dog!

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It always makes Willamette Humane Society’s staff and volunteers happy when there are many dogs adopted in a week. This week there were twenty-one! But what makes us all over the moon is when a dog who has been waiting and hoping for a new home for an extra-long time is finally found by just the right family. I’m thrilled to report that there were TWO of these adoptions yesterday!

Sweet Pea!

Sweet Pea and Marianne

Sweet Pea is an eight-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who had been waiting for a new beginning since March 13th. She had lived most of her life in a California garage until the S.T.A.R.T. team brought her to WHS. Everyone fell in love with this gentle old soul, but no one adopted her…until Monday. Here she is as she was about to head home. Can you tell she’s excited?



Ivy – Version 2Ivy has been hoping…

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